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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Marta West has been writing ever since she learned how.
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As a young boy Christmas Eve. While the world sleeps, snow falls gently from the sky, presents await under the tree In this collection of ten classic murder mysteries from the best crime writers in history, death and mayhem take many festiv Morning Star by Sydney Blackburn - Five wishes; one desire. Fairest by K. Trenten - What will you change into?

Gingerbread by This book brings together an amalgamation of exquisite writings. These writings have been carefully selected and brought together from different writers across location and have no restrictions on their style, format or language. The motto is to enco Dear Reader, My name is Jimmy and I am going to die…again and again. This is the second collection of stories in which my death is imminent. You might be wondering what I mean. If you read The Death of Jimmy a collection of short stories yo Queer characters getting their happy endings abound in this first book of a two-part collection.

Friendship, platon Whether for a noble medieval knight, a dashing Regency gentleman, an irre Follow these fantastic stories of revenge, timetravel, an alternate post-"election" universe, a mysterious train ride, and body augmentation to reinvent a woman's life. They will take you to new worlds and amazing stories. The White Witch of Narnia or the pig Napoleon. Carmilla or Loki or Black Mariah. There's more than can be listed, and and all too often, we fall in love with them: Scoundrels.

The Horror! I've been a fan since my older sister used to wake me up so I could sneak down to watch Creature Feature when I was in elementary school! Funny, I never could seem to get back to sleep. While my main writi It could be an innocent thing, a body in a building, or could it be more sinister? Beccles Creative Writing Group have got together to explore this matter in our second anthology. Once again, HellBound Books Publishing brings you an outstanding collection of horror, dark, slippery things, and supernatural terror - all from the very best up and coming minds in the genre.

We have given each and every one of our authors the oppor The process behind Sila and the Land is an important part of the story. Giving Thanks. Gratitude and appreciation find expression in the giving of thanks. It can be associated with a specific day or just part of our lives. The stories in this anthology have been contributed by the Phoenix Prime authors to illustrate how t Gabriel Hendricks used to be a priest.

The church excommunicated his ass when he refused to cover up a sexual scandal that exposed the hypocrisy and twisted ideology of organized religion. Abandoning his faith gave Gabriel time to care for one of his Six new fast-paced Get the latest with Candy Apples. Gossip with a snarky, tart bite!

Snowstorms, and weddings, and mobsters. Oh my! Talk about a crazy weekend. A gossip writer's dream. With everyone snowed in from that unexpected blizzard Thanks for the heads up, Mis Noblebright fantasy is fantasy with a thread of hope even in the darkest hour, with characters who strive to do the right thing, even when it costs them everything. In this exciting collection of noblebright fantasy, fresh new fantasy voices and award Dear Reader,Have you ever dreamt of being a Super Hero?

Did you want the ability to fly? Be incredibly strong? Turn invisible? Control minds? For every amazing superpower, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, that are not nearly as amazing. What if yo This twentieth issue of Tales from the Canyons of the Damned consists of five sharp, suspenseful, thought provoking short stories—each from a different featured master of speculative fiction.

In this anthology, knights, lords, ladies, and royalty collide as tournament and quests are faced in the name of love. Heroes are measured not by the size of their muscles, but by the size of their hearts. And sometimes, by the size of their blasters. Heroes come in many forms, as do the villains they face… Eleven stories of future and fantasia from bestselling and When Keelarah, Lead Interrogator in the Neuropsych subdivision of the Cartheeli Military Caste, first meets the alien, she is prepared to do her duty. He is a trespasser on her planet, has caused the death of someone dear to her, and it is imperative In , Arthur Conan Doyle first published A Study in Scarlet in the 27th issue of Beeton's Christmas Annual, a popular London magazine which had entertained 19th century readers for well over two decades.

Yet this particular issue would introduce t The friendly folks in Mossy Creek are back for a Christmas filled with love, laughter, holiday cheer, and zany antics. Six stories of the holiday season, guaranteed to put you in a festive mood. So, grab your hot chocolate and snuggle up to experience the season as you've never done before. After all, tis the Season for Magic!

What if those ancient creatures so beloved in fiction, myth, and science had not disappeared? What if they were real? What might have been developed to handle them, and how might man have felt about the thundering giants in yesterday's, today's, or t For almost 30 years, the anthology has consistent The Society of Misfit Stories Presents this eclectic collection of unique novelettes and novellas from some of the most unique voices in the speculative genres. This diverse anthology offers readers an enticing assortment of high fantasy, alien adven A collection of short stories, both fiction and non-fiction that explore the idea of Turning Points in different contexts.

When you buy this book, here's just a few things you'll get from the stories: - Engaging narratives- Memorable characters- Stories with a Measles is a highly contagious, serious disease caused by a virus. This charming collection includes the short tails previously only available on Midnight The Rescue Panthers Facebook page. From the life lesson learned in A case of the Blues, to the whimsical Purrfectly Poofy, there is something in this collection They dominate our legends from the men and women of history to the denizens of our literary worlds.

Take a break from the hectic holiday season with this collection of timeless Christmas Kisses. He never expects to be confronted by a lady with a gun. Elizabeth FitzWalter intends to drive the stranger off her land, Dinesh took a wrong decision and his company So you love a good romance novel, right? We're assuming so, or you probably wouldn't be here right now. Ever read one you wanted to see end differently? Ever wish something else happened to your favorite characters? Here's a question What if you de Herein you will find the brilliant products of dark imaginations, certainly; and something An omnibus of grave tales introducing Death and the Court of the Dead as they prepare to rise against the warring celestial realms of Heaven and Hell.

Heaven and Hell are at war! Fueled by human souls, this never-ending battle threatens to embroil all Think you know about fairies? Consider yourself an expert on monsters? Or maybe you think you've read all there is to read about mermaids? Well, think again!

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Every bit of information in CyberSpace is at risk! Cyberspace is full of dangers and challenges even while it takes an increasingly important role in our homes, businesses, and governments. The combination of danger and opportunity is at the core of t This collection draws together four tales for younger readers from the Waarda series of Indigenous stories, first edited by acclaimed author Sally Morgan. Two stories feature Lilli and her magical companion, Shadow. The next two stories are about Ann Four dark tales of the holiday spirit. Old Bill sets out on her annual Christmas Eve journey to her niece's house, and encounters an unexpected darkness.

A World of the Vampyr If talking cats, deadly potions, cursed masks, and Baba Yaga stir your cauldron, then set down your broomstick and come sit a spell for o Get ready for a frenzy of fairy-tale activities in this new high-end, highly-designed Mishmania book! In Fairy-Tale Frenzy, kids will enjoy Please note: This version is printed in black and white.

For a verion which features several illustrations in colour, see isbn: This volume is a collection of essays about the female characters in the Sherlock Holmes stories as we Belfast Writers' Group presents a collection of seventeen tales of the supernatural, featuring ghosts, fiends, and an assortment of other monstrosities.

This anthology will terrify and tease you with its feast of short stories full of fear, humour, a What will you sacrifice for what you desire? The determination of choice and the understanding of the costs and consequences are the foundation of the classic fairy tale, The Goblin and the Grocer. The stories in this new anthology from the Phoenix Pr Action, adventure and the wild, untamed frontier…. Love and loss will haunt you, crowding out new love and life.

The stories in this anthology from the talented writers of Phoenix Prime have contributed to this collection of the many ways that you can be shadowed by past experiences and the decisions The American West changed the heart of the nation. The challenges of settling such a vast area of land demanded much of the people that answered the call to carve out a home in the open and dangerous regions of the US.

That culture and attitude have p Devilish or heroic? The retelling of the classic Imp Prince fairy tale by these talented Phoenix Prime authors gives you an intriguing look at the different dimension of hubris and self-absorption. You will be intrigued, entertained, and immersed in a Green Love - Have you heard about the aspen clone in the heart of Blackwood forest? Some say it's enchanted, while others Dead Letter - Signed, sealed, delivered Seaside Escape - Just beca Will Josie Win the War on Waste?

Trash is piling up all over Brooklyn. Where does all this trash come from? And where does it all go? Josie and the gang become trash detectives. But this time, they have to organize their teachers too. And just as the Get ready for a jumble in the jungle in this new high-end, highly-designed Mishmania book!

In Jungle Jumble, kids will enjoy having a bunch Healing Lord Barton - Lady Sybilla Barrington full of guilt, has shut herself away to write, rather than face society. She is sure that no man could ever accept her deeds and What would you do if you could travel back in time in your favorite city? Kansas City is a gem in the Heart of America! And to understand why it's such a great city, one should learn about the events and people behind its rich and remarkable history This trade paperback collects all four issues of the No Rest for the Wicked comic book miniseries. A mysterious cowboy named Reno shows up in the booming silver mining town of Crooked Creek.

A card game goes about as badly as it can and Reno runs af This book is a treasure of our first year as a writing organization. You will find poetry, short stories, essays on life, love, loss, and even a play. North Sound Writers was born out of the love of writing. We are an eclectic group of authors, poets Despite their disastrous first meeting, complete with a ruined birthday cake, b Darkness and light create the shadows of our lives. The stories in this Phoenix Prime anthology are woven with dark and complex themes into a fabric that explores topics of angst and dark emotions. While some have delved into the pain of Even writers get bored.

The Prime Peek anthologies are an inside view of the Phoenix Prime group as they explore new characters, series, storylines, and other subjects that attract them to the creative muse. Ranging from very short to longer short sto In this Life goes by quickly. These short stories, poems, and pleasant diversion were captured during the months of July through September of They reflect the pace of the world at that time, as well as the reflections of the times from the differing aut No one is perfect—not even a witch.

Witches have amazing power at their fingertips to do unbelievable things. That magic can come in really handy sometimes too. They can make someone fall in love, poison an apple to enact a sleeping curse, banish a Two Girls find Each other after 16 years of Lies. How did something so horrible happen to a baby who was only hours old?

Sable and Mercy find out the mysteries behind them with the help of their lifelong friends; Goel, Gabe, and Albi. Based in Austr Are you a science fiction fan who'd like to try performing? Are you a performer who loves science fiction? This all new kind of anthology is for you: Just like karaoke, you get to be a star. Just like karaoke, you need no experience. Just like karaok Some are Sweet and some are Sassy. Eleven holiday romances to captivate and seduce.

Get a warm drink Boekestein, and Preston Lang. With fiction work from Anthony Award nominee E Under our feet lie countless realms of possibility. Join twelve writers as they explore those realms - discovering lands of fantasy, lands from our far future, lands of mystery. There are places full of wonders, full of terrors, full of visions of wh Abductions, Amnesia, Murder, and cult activities rise and only the players-characters can solve the case.

For mature readers. In this second volume of rare ho Founder and original editor Storm Constantine has revisited every issue of the ground-breaking magazine Visionary Tongue to select the very best stories and poems to appear in its pages across a twelve year period, more than thirty in all, including Dearest Readers and believers of all ages: With this story, I would like to take you on a fantastic and emotional journey.

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I hope you will also experience all those beautiful feelings that came over me as I was writing this book. This children's chap Take a break to the whimsical world of storytelling. Compiled from authors and illustrators all over the world, this general audience-friendly book will have you dreaming of far-off lands and places. At the same time, your purchase of this book is he In a time of blood and myth, humanity used its nuclear weapons to crack the world.

In the year of blinding white light which followed, gods of death and cruelty poured in through the gap and staked their claims, fueled by the relentless smothering of The Wild Musette Journal is an anthology of music, mystery, and myth featuring the best in fiction and poetry. In The Sin Eater you'll find traditional C Eleven award-winning holiday stories from nine amazing authors! Winter Wonder brings you a confection of Christmas stories by an array of well-loved authors featuring characters drawn from their award-winning books.

Eleven new stories spanning all ag Imagine a world in which medieval wizardry not only flourished, but created a level of technological progress akin to what we see in classic sci-fi. Here, wizards take to the stars and explore the universe in enchanted starships crewed by sorcerers, Best-selling author Meg Wolitzer guest edits the premier annual showcase for the country's finest short fiction.

Justice Smith as Franklin Webb

One should never be afraid to love or shoot the one they care about. A famed markswoman once said that. Imagine a town with a dog sheriff from another planet. A zombie attack clean-up woman. An attractive alien who likes to pl Where the fairy tale ends and the reflection begins Ames, Kerry E. Black, J. Allen, C. Dickerson, Edward Ahern, Melan All proceeds go towards the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for help in finding better treatments and one day, a cure.

A new journey to the Crossroads: our childhood fears ripped apart the fabric of our reality. The robots of the 50s and 60s science fiction movies and novels captured our hearts and our imaginations. Their clunky, bulbous bodies with their clear domed heads, whirling antennae, and randomly flashing Burgeoning love, fairytale ogres, and possessive mothers. The fairytale of Anthousa, Xanthousa, Chrisamalousa is a story of a young woman whose trials and tribulations are both daunting and surmountable. The writers in this anthology have taken that Taken from actual medical files, Asylum Archives is a collection of short stories based on true accounts from the insane!

Giles, acclaimed filmmaker Richard Dutcher, and bestselling autho Two fairy tales from very different areas of the world combined in this anthology to provide a view on how decisions and actions can affect the rest of your life. The basic perspective of the French fairy tale and its female protagonists is diametric This is not a long, drawn-out story. The Bite Anthology is short fiction with teeth!

Or laugh. Or cry. From the sewers of small-town Tamil Nadu to the drug dens of Khajuraho From the dance bars of Hyderabad to the exoplanets of Gliese Dangerous secrets and locked rooms. The tales of Bluebeard are fast and with shadows of torture and evil packaged behind innocuous fronts. The fairy tale retelling of this classic story stays true the basic theme and structure but differs in both the Trieste Publishing has a massive catalogue of classic book titles.

Our aim is to provide readers with the highest quality reproductions of fiction and non-fiction literature that has stood the test of time. The many thousands of books in our collecti The future is now! The high-tech city of Avantgarde has a cutting-edge robot police force—but it's just become the Phantom Blot's deadly private army! Can Mickey brave high-tech horrors to stop his old foe? Or will Avantgarde decide Mickey is part No matter what humanity tries, Death always wins.

Or does it? Discover the answer in The Death of All Things, where twenty-two writers take their shot at the Grim Reaper with explorations of Dirty Rotten Comics 11 Autumn Independent comics have never looked better as Dirty Rotten Comics returns for the autumn with a fresh roster of comics lovingly crafted by Britain's finest talent! Dirty Rotten Comics is a critically acclaimed Bri Jorinda and Joringel are happily walking through the forest, but they stray too close to a witch's castle, and fall under her spells.

Jorinda is transformed into a nightingale and imprisoned in the castle in a golden bird cage. Joringel is powerless A frightfully good time! Dive into these Halloween novellas from bestselling authors Tijan, J. Featuring stories set in the worlds of their popular series. Does clear sight help or harm you? Is it a blessing, or curse? These retellings of the classic fairytale, Fairy Ointment, illustrate the opportunities and dangers attached to the ability to see more clearly than others.

The Phoenix Prime authors cont Captain America continues working with S. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standard His actions and methods launch a chain of bloody events that brings the town to the state of permanent chaos Berkhamsted charity People not Borders presents a beautiful picture book for pre-school and KS1 and beyond. Gently, and with exquisite textile illustrations, "I am Me" explores the experience of a child refugee leaving home and arriving in the U.

Cupcakes, panda bears, break-ups, wearing sunglasses at night The local and the universal come together in these 37 short stories, brought into English by different translators from all over the world. This project aims to show there are all kinds A desperate Spaniard has escaped a life of miserable poverty and fled to the wild unknown.

They called it The New World. It was hot, and it was hostile.

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After watching his countryman seize Mexico and Panama, however, Francisco Pizarro knew if he Little Boost My First Storybook Collection tackles early life lessons in a funny and relatable manner. From learning to share to telling lies, growing up isn't easy. These picture books are sure to give everyone a little boost. Includes the following Surely somewhere in the tales we read, the answers we seek are waiting for us.

Sometimes things are simply hard and right now many of us are facing this harsh new Feel the throbbing of an aching heart, experience the confusion of the elaborate dance between emotions and the unknown. The tales of mystery and romance that are presented in this anthology show the many ways in which matters of the heart and matter Throngs of tourists pack the streets from Derby to Essex. A veiled figure appears, and you catch her out of the corner of your eye, but she Welcome on board the Discovery Express! The year is and a conundrum is afoot: a professor on the verge of a brilliant discovery has disappeared.

Can you help to solve the clues on this time-travelling adventure and track down the missing scienti The amazing visions of future life in space and on the new planets that many expect us to find are portrayed in the stories from the talented Phoenix Prime writers in this anthology. Their visions of adventure, romance, and conflict in future worlds From moonshine runs to thought-provoking experiences, this anthology from the Phoenix Prime writer group will entertain you.

The intriguing perspectives and sometimes hilarious situations in these stories showcase the quality storytelling that enable Explore the deepest darkness and the gray areas that form the shadows in our lives. Read stories that are intense, dark, and intriguing. The Phoenix Prime authors that contributed their stories to this anthology are ones that have the ability to see He soon finds that the girl who shunned him as a teenager and the boys who made his life a living hell have all remained in the t Sometimes birthdays can be hard if someone is feeling sad and lonely Pringle learns that someone at Maple The excitement of Halloween keeps Michael, Raymond, and Mrs.

Pringle's son Gregory busy all day, working on a special Halloween project. Sometimes we make assumptions about people that are not true at all. Marta's family assumed she was just clumsy but several events prove Do you remember your first love? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had a second chance to follow your heart? In this collection of novellas written by award-winning and bestselling authors, come home to Echo Ridge as summer winds down a Six new fast-paced Western stories from some of the greatest Western author Six Bestselling Western Authors. Six Western Stories.

Six New Adventures. It is a time period as vast as the desert and as relevant as our world today Six new fast-paced Western stories from some of the greatest Western authors Everyone has their eyes set on the black depths of space … but what about the deep abysses of the ocean? What dark monsters swim unseen beneath the waves? What ancient wonders lie hidden, waiting to be discovered? What sirens call, either here on E Leprechauns are out to get me. I'm not kidding.

I'll tell you why. What they brought back you'll never believe. Tales from the Canyons of the Damned canyo Even the wildest cowboy can be tamed. In Three on a Match, the second book in the Terror Project series, you'll find not everybody makes it out alive. Todawn Begins combines modern-day fantasy with modern-day reality, in which both Lynkcen and his best friend, Jacob, are drawn into the madness of the Afterlife Legends, legends which are bigger then the two of them put together. This tandem is teste This anthology features Singapore's best short story writers, who are ready to take the nation by storm.

The stories range from utopic pasts to distant dystopian futures, from small loves to big losses and from unexpected deaths to beautiful births. I'd never quite pinned down at what point during the gradual accretion of events and memories that houses became more than the sum of their parts, but I'd put down enough supposed hauntings to have develo Alien worlds and accidental time travel. Talking plants and nighttime showers. Ghost stories and bloody anklets. Body harvesting and post-apocalyptic wonderlands. Big bushy beards. Shadowy men in black suits and claustrophobic drunks.

These are just a few The Mesdames of Mayhem bring you their third crime anthology: 13 Claws. Holy Menagerie! The Mesdames of Mayhem, a group of established, acclaimed Canadian crime writers, have teamed up with three talented newcomers to create a book to add to your lib Want to see something weird?

Embrace the odd. Satisfy your curiosity. Surrender to wonder. Oddities, Curiositi Twenty-one stories that will possess you! Alien spectra that devour and derange. Haunted masks. Demons of rage and revenge, spirits of madness and mercy. Consuming AI, killer earworms, immortal cannibals, and entities beyond your comprehension.

All t Imagination is what gives our dream In the twenty-eighth issue of Dark Moon Digest: a hardware store offers a rewards program you can't refuse; an Internet meme goes viral in more ways than one; a little girl gets a new pet; a woman loses her sense of identity; a man and woman reluctan Some of the most memorial stories we've heard was when we were young, gathered around a campfire with other friends. To this day, though you may not necessarily recall the words, I'm sure you remember the feeling.

The stories in this collection are c When we were young, some of the most memorial tales were the ones that we heard over the sound of a crackling campfire. We heard stories that evoked a creeping sense of unease. We shared tales that caused our blood to run cold, skin to pour with swea A collection of international short stories, most of them winners of AudioArcadia. The winning authors live around the world and come from Europe, Singapore, Jordan and the Usa. These stories are highly original and a must-r The battle for Sol is nowThe sphere ship gave Earth knowledge of the universe, but it came with a warning to stay away from the Star.

After losing two children to the First Contact Federation, Empyrean sends a fleet of plasma ships and allies to Sol A collection of short stories edited by Rube Corben. A destruction of barriers between the earth's surface and orbital space is costly, but to whom; an exploration of the ethical grounds for un-manned warfare; a philosophical discussion of society i This is a LitRPG novel collection containing 4 books totaling over pages of classic adventure, with the stats, skills, levels and powers you want to see from our genre.

Descriptions of each novel are below, and can be found listed individually o Since humankind was able to imagine, stories about the future both immediate and far-reaching have been passed on. We ask ourselves: Will we, as a species, be able to overcome our differences and work together? Will planet Earth be salvaged or aban Welcome to Havenwood Falls, a small town in the majestic mountains of Colorado. A town where legacies began centuries ago, bloodlines run deep, and dark secrets abound.

A town where nobody is what you think, where truths pose as lies, and where myth From the wilds of Montana, we bring you a heartwarming collection of three timeless romance short stories that remind us of what it is to fall in love. What can go wrong Summer love is summer love, no matter the planet. Climb aboard your spacecraft and travel across the universe with these twelve tales of love on beaches among the stars.

When Jason Somers inherited the family butcher shop, he had no idea he was taking the helm of a sinking ship. With the help of his younger brother Jaxson, a plan emerged to save The Meat Market. What better way to earn some extra cash than to target o This book is dedicated to all the children affected by Turner Syndrome and is a holid Phil decides during his convalesce The depths of space, the smells of new planets, and the whisper of the interstellar winds provide a backdrop for this collection of Sci-Fi Military stories from Phoenix Prime. Thrill to the adventure, tingle with the action, and always look for more!

Bookstores and magic. Blood connections and strange artifacts. An intriguing mixture of elements used in many different ways by the skilled authors in this anthology. It is amazing how many different ways writers of power and talent can combine basic Will a prophecy determine their fate? Aegeus depends on his honor in a life or death struggle. Marcus accepts a difficult job. Only good ratings can save her father. Has she ever b However, so are space pirates, dragons, Vikings, extra-humans, vampires, axe murdering cheerleaders, werewol Fifteen authors bring you enthralling stories of fantasy, para In the past two years, the little town of Riverdale has changed in a number of amazing ways.

The entire Archie universe has been given a fresh coat of paint and it's only getting bigger and better An anthology of works produced by members of the renowned Plymouth Writers Group, this year focusing on the theme of 'Secrets and Lies', but containing fiction of all kinds. Also contains the top five stories from this years Plymouth Writers Group in Four Colorado writers produced this collection of three epic stories. They all had the gr A soldier and a dog - sounds good! Add cats? It becomes a tale of tails!

A retelling of a classic Japanese fairy tale about the battle between cats and dogs is interpreted through the vision of the Phoenix Prime authors. The inventive turns in this a Tricky gifts and sibling rivalry. The stories based on two fairy tales combine in this anthology to give us interesting perspectives on gratitude, respect, and the challenges of everyday life. The fairy tale retelling of these classic stories stay tr Insecure American graduate student Crispin Leads has come to the Vatican to study burial rituals and catch up with her oldest friend, Sister Lew, historian for the Shroud of Turin.

Within hours of Crispin's arrival she witnesses a murder and is drawn Claire and J Some schools boast of famous athletes who once attended. Others boast of movie stars or politicians who once walked the halls. It is even said that some schools have ghosts. This eighteenth issue of Tales from the Canyons of the Damned consists of four sharp, suspenseful, thought provoking short stories of the sea and things deep—each from a different featured master of speculative fiction. Kevin Lauderdale shares a le The cast i From ludicrously, hilarious stories to stunning, heart-warming poems, Tales From Trinity is packed with a compilation of action-packed tales; aliens, zombies, crime, after-life, magic toy boxes, diaries and the end of the world.

This extra-ordinary b Science Fantasy is the collision of science fiction and fantasy - where the impossible and the improbable come together. This is a universe of spaceships and sorcery, of mechanics and magic, where zeppelins soar through the ether and conjurers stalk Villains have all the fun -- everyone knows that -- and this anthology takes you on a wild ride through the dark side! The top villains from seventeen urban fantasy series get their own stories -- including the baddies of New York Times bestselling a A varied collection of short stories and poetry from several authors based in the Midwest.

A little bit of romance, fantasy, science fiction, slice of life and even the truth about Roswell! A nice selection of tales for those in a hurry, but still wa We all have something we keep hidden from our friends, our families—and sometimes even from ourselves. But nothing stays secret forever. Sooner or later you trust the wrong person, a friend overhears a forbidden How Well You Walk Through Madness is a collection of beat writng; a collection that breaks the conventional norms of writing and isn't afraid to get weird! This book features bold poetry and fiction from writers who have a rebellious spirit.

They wri Ranging from straight thriller to science fiction and fantasy to mainstream crime, these fifteen stories promise to make your pulse pound. Join an ex-president as he tries to escape the mother of all assassination attempts, a heroine on a Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves. An ex-slave, Reeves took on the silver badge because he believed all men to be e Editor Donna Scott has selected the very best short fiction by British authors published during Twenty-four stories chosen from over submitted, from established names and rising stars alike In this issue we bring you, Megan E.

Jennings, Wesley D. Gray, J. Humorous tales by three young brothers about what happens in the face of zany odds. An iguana torn from his family enlists the help of a motley crew of Caribbean creatures. A shape-shifting alien and three human brothers band together to save an entir The Cool Cats are students from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth who assembled during a creative writing class in the Fall of Every Thursday night, they gathered to work on personal writing pieces and spent countless hours laughing, sh Are you bold enough to bite the bullet? Soldiers have never been this enticing.

They demand our attention. The confidence they exude is undeniable. Uniformed bad boys. Thrill-seekers who thrive on taking calculated risks, brave enough to face death w Ripped from the headlines - this anthology contains stories that explore the situations and dangers of the interconnected world of cyberspace. It shows areas that resonate with our deepest fears and scariest nightmares.

Explore the intriguing world o A recipe for disaster: take one total solar eclipse, add two dozen spine-chilling mysteries, and shake the reader until the world ends in Day of the Dark! On a routine mining mission in the asteroid belt, the crew of the Kerwood is mired in their personal concerns: finishing quickly, getting home, and earning a fair share of the profits. That is, until the ship experiences catastrophic failure on the r The entire second series is now available in a single collection, featuring twelve twisted tales from six talented authors!

Elastic Press began publishing collections and anthologies in and closed down in Daring interstellar crews and time travelers. Crafty hackers rifting the metaverse. Bold heroes fighting monsters and their own doubts in a reality turned on its head. Want to experience a day in a life of a school child in Ancient Greece? Follow little Gabriella who loves gymnastics! Her gymnastics teacher, Ms. Nelly, presents Gabriella with the beautiful gymnastic ball.

And after practice the little gymnast falls Do you know that gelato is made just of 3 ingredients? Do you know when the first gelato was made?

Find answers to this any many other questions in 'The History of Gelato in 13 Scoops', a fun pictu It is the third book in the series of 'Tales of My Childhood'. Siberia is a vast region in the eastern part of Ru If Jesus came back at the same time Satan came to create the Antichrist, ordinary people would be called upon to help him out. The luck of the draw - Richard Blade, stand-up comic and private investigator, and his unlikely sidekick, April Love, a gir The cry of coyotes at moonrise.

Deacon later talked about how Mercury originally hated the track, especially the Wurlitzer organ that the bassist had composed it It was written on that instrument and it sounds best on that. You know, often on the instrument that you wrote the song on. So it was a wonderful feeling to come back and see that crowd and get that response. Available now at issuu. Released in October , Bohemian Rhapsody has been proving a controversial hit ever since. Unfortunately this partnership was short lived with Baron Cohen soon leaving due to creative differences.

It was speculated at the time that this is due to disagreements with the band members of Queen, who had both script and director approval, and in particular with Brian May, whose opinion he disagreed with regarding the direction of the film. The acrimony did not end there, with Queen hitting out at Baron Cohen, stating that it was in fact their decision to let the star go from the project. We want people to be moved. English actor Ben Wishaw was brought in as a replacement lead in ;.

It proved to be another two years before Bohemian Rhapsody finally found the star they were looking for in the form of popular American actor Rami Malek. Known for his breakthrough role on the television series Mr. Robot, Malek proved to be the perfect man to play Mercury, bringing the star power such a large production requires, and the acting chops to portray the nuanced eccentricities of the Queen front man. Changes to the cast were by no means the only problems faced during the production of Bohemian Rhapsody, with departures behind the scenes also having a huge impact on the picture.

Director Brian Singer was fired from the film in December , after reports of clashes with the cast and other crewmembers. The critical reception to Bohemian Rhapsody has been mixed. Although the film was subjected to censorship and edits before being shown in these countries, it is a remarkable feat and a testament to the passion for the music of Queen that is felt around the world.

With these wins Bohemian Rhapsody also took home the dubious title of being the lowest reviewed Golden Globes winner in thirty-three years — a title that seems to perfectly show the juxtaposition of feelings regarding the picture. Speaking about the conflicting opinions surrounding the awards granted to Bohemian Rhapsody, Brian May. You saw I went very quiet after the Oscars were over, signaling the end of the whole movie awards season. What really happened? We then, shockingly, walked away with four Oscars — the top haul of the night.

The head of local production came up to me and shook my hand as we left the auditorium. So — everyone assumes that we would then all go forth, deliriously partying with not a care in the world. I was, and I am, deeply grateful for our Freddie film being recognised in a way we never had the audacity to expect. But I found the public activity behind the whole awards season, and the behaviour of the media writers surrounding it, deeply disturbing. Vitriol and dishonesty, and blatant attempts to shame and influence the members into voting the way they, in their arrogance required them to.

But, when the curtain came down, I was left with very mixed feelings. More than any other band, The Clash expanded the notion of what punk was musically by combining genres such as reggae, dub, ska, rockabilly, funk, nascent hip-hop, and much more besides — then taking it to the world.

The Clash was the only band from the initial surge of energy that comprised the London punk scene in to go truly global and to stick around long enough to enjoy it. The Sex Pistols gained international notoriety, but disintegrated after merely one studio album, confirming for many of the old-guard critics that punk was, indeed, the disposable flash-in-a-pan movement that they had suspected it to be. To understand the inner workings of The Clash one must first understand the pyschogeography of the city that spawned them — London — and the sociocultural climate of Britain at the time, both of which the band inextricably wove into their music and their aesthetic.

The future members of the band were all born in the post-war period, when rationing was only just ending and many aspects of Britain had changed little since Victorian times. The members all came of age in the late sixties and early seventies,. Live Led Zeppelin, who strutted around like overblown rock music ever, being performances were legendary, and though untouchable other-worldly gods.

Others created by the privileged few who had neither band sold many records while were more self-indulgent and ludicrous, been allowed into the old-boy network they were in existence, they did set a new such as the absurd fantasy world of establishment that was the British music standard for how far rock music could — progressive rock or glam-pop hybrids, as industry.

Underground stripped things down All well and good, but by the and painted them black, while in ''I was aware of the early seventies in London the their wake the New York Dolls political system early bastardised the bluesy imprint great British cultural explosion had passed, and despite what of the Stones with a hard-edged, on and I grew up the history books might suggest, if shambolic, street-smart sound listening to a lot of the everyday reality of life and and flamboyant, confrontational mainstream culture had been presentation. All these bands influenced more edge than a lot Life for the young men and those few visionaries who decided women in the street was a far to take this disparate music to of contemporary music cry from the world of the stars another level, none more so than insofar of political presented in NME or on Top of Queens quartet the Ramones, the Pops, who operated from their whose genius lay in their simplicity content With their country mansions or taxthree chords, energy in abundance, Paul Simonon dodging foreign retreats.

This it into something more forceful, documented this initial wave of such Music Legends. Import copies of Stella, in a West London tower block that how come I was the one out delivering albums by these bands were only just overlooked the Westway, that Ballardian the leaflets and he was the one at home filtering through to London, where the concrete flyover road that ran through watching the telly!

So I was aware of charts were largely ruled by inane popand over the heart of the city. The the political system early on and also, and-ballad bands or flares-wearing obviously, because I grew up progressive rockers; however, this listening to a lot of reggae, music new sound would have a direct that had more edge than a lot '' For Joe it was folk effect on the culture-junkie future of contemporary music insofar music - people like members of The Clash. It seemed Before that, though, it was in normal. For all of areas of Streatham and Brixton, there was the knowledge us there was the knowledge that respectively, that Mick Jones and a song can be about things other that a song can be Paul Simonon both born than love, kissing, and having a found entry into music through the nice dance.

The Clash were famed for their energy and angst. Their heavily politicised lyrics, relentless appetite for exploring new musical genres and rebellious edgy attitude had a far-reaching influence on popular music. These limited edition releases feature highlights from four legendary broadcasts recorded during the halcyon years of The Clash spanning from — , which culminated in their legendary appearance at the US Festival.

The two songwriters, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, each took guitar and vocal duties. Their differing styles complemented one another. Jones had a gentler and higher singing voice and a more fluid playing style, while Strummer compensated for a lack of melody with distinct and raw vocals and a stabbing, rhythmic approach that would be a huge influence on punk. Paul Simonon, meanwhile, took up the easier-to-handle role of bass guitarist.

After some intense rehearsal the fiveSex Pistols , Paul and Mick contacted recognised from the London scene — piece group travelled to Sheffield to play Strummer to join the new outfit they John Mellor, better known by his more their first show at the Black Swan pub were putting together. All involved had proletarian-sounding nickname Joe in July The following month, in already been to see — and been blow away Strummer. After a stint rehearsals we'd sit down in Public Image Limited, whose as a Dylan-and-Guthrie-inspired output would be as folk singer called Woody Mellor, and ask each other what post-punk musically influential as that of the Strummer was living in a squat we wanted out of it We Pistols, and more commercially and fronting the respected pubsuccessful too.

Ironically, it was rock band the ers, who the pair cross-referenced with a partnership solidified during had seen and enjoyed, particularly each other and asked We both hated our respective bands. I knew I definitely wanted to leave The Clash and John and I had already spoken about getting together if we did. The raw energy of it all inspired me. As Levene noted, much of this manoeuvring was down to manager Bernie Rhodes.

What makes this band Clash was certainly the most different? Though '''Where are we going? We wanted to their early sound, a constant more depth, a more human to their art — including, different? The Sex Pistols paint-splattered, Pollock-inspired more human approach The were still dressing like it was the sixties. Strummer famously spat in the timelyClash played with the Pistols as well as To hammer the point home, they also written As they played more shows, such other new bands as The Damned daubed slogans onto their instruments the likes of NME, Melody Maker, and and the ace all-girl trio the Slits.

Heartbreakers, a piratical but likeable band often acknowledged as being the first to bring heroin into the British punk scene. The four bands shared, first a tour bus and many drunken shenanigans, and then collective disbelief, as shows were cancelled following the Pistols infamous expletive-addled debut TV appearance on The Bill Grundy Show. Overnight punk went national and was the subject of much criticism from the reactionary UK tabloid newspapers.

A wave of negativity washed over the tour and only seven of the original twenty-one shows. Suddenly, the drummer-less band, who were used to sleeping in draughty squats and existing on lager and speed, had some money to spend. They recorded their debut album quickly, with Chimes back on drums.

In April, their debut album, The Clash, was released to critical acclaim. The Clash explored alienation, boredom, frustration, drugs, unemployment and identity crisis. It oozed anxiety and negativity, though only in the realist sense; they were, for much of their career, naively optimistic. The cover image captured Joe, Paul, and Mick, blank-eyed, lean and mean in their customised clothing and sporting uniformly cropped hair, a rare look for Mick Jones, who as a guitarist from the Richards-Thunders school of style preferred to keep his longer.

This perfectly packaged musical Molotov cocktail entered the UK album charts at a creditable No. A band is only as good as its drummer, and Topper provided both the solid backbone and the diversity to push the quartet forward. He proved to be a major contributing factor to their expansive output in the early eighties. The Clash Released on 8 April , The Clash is remembered as one of the greatest albums of all time. The classic Clash line-up was in place and the band set out on tour as punk rock snowballed around them.

A series of key events took place throughout , that would place punk and The Clash in the history books. Gigs played during this period were some of the most exciting that provincial Britain had ever witnessed, and the direct influence of The Clash would be evident in the many second-wave bands that were soon forming right across the UK as a direct result of seeing them live ; bands such as the Undertones, Skids, the Ruts, and countless others. For better or worse, each took their own influence from The Clash. The duo spent much of the week in their hotel room, writing such new songs as Safe European Home, about their feelings of displacement as Europeans in a foreign land, and the machine-gun rhythms of the powerful, soon-to-be live-favourite Tommy Gun.

It worked. The album was a collection of songs that mixed mythmaking tales of robbery, stabbings and drug raids with more emotive moments, like the tender Stay Free. It was a strong rock album that has stood the test of time, yet it was neither the raw, amphetamine-dabbing punk of the previous year nor the pan-international flavoured releases of the next decade. It was the first — and maybe only — true concession the band made towards their record company, who were intent. We're against ignorance. The sleeve features a vivid image of a cowboy being eaten apart by crows as a horseman in black watches on.

Jones and Strummer had become enamoured with the artwork after seeing it displayed in San Francisco. They were also banned from a hotel chain for the theft of a pillowcase, and survived minor drug busts, increasingly riotous shows, and their fair share of hedonism. The aforementioned second-wave bands had turned it into a fixed, easily identifiable subculture.

It was no longer in the hands of a select few dozen, artistically minded pioneers making vastly different music in London and Manchester, and instead was rapidly passing into parody. Just compare Siouxsie and the Banshees with Buzzcocks or Subway Sect to see how diverse early punk could be. The classic Clash line-up in Stir drugs, violence, money wrangles, paranoia, a politicised manager Malcolm McLaren , and worldwide fame into the mix and the Pistols were destined to implode.

It happened during their first US tour, a jaunt that, possibly ill advisedly, took in the less-tolerant cowboy towns of the South, where these four malnourished London kids faced down audiences comprised of burly cowboys who saw them as a threat. They also reached plenty of young American fans bowled over by punk, even if their interpretation was markedly different to that of, say, singer Johnny Rotten, widely acknowledged as the brains of the band.

The Sex Pistols had split in January , amid acrimony and exhaustion after a chaotic show in San Francisco, and Vicious continued on a downward spiral aided by heroin and errant girlfriend Nancy Spungen. It was a fall that was even more rapid than his ascension, and one that culminated in Spungen dying from a stab wound in a New York hotel room. No one would ever find out the truth, for Sid overdosed on heroin while out on bail in January Punk had destroyed one of its premier exponents, and in some ways the unwitting Vicious had killed off punk.

What once was fun, mischievous, creative and culturally relevant was now something altogether darker. The demise of the Pistols is important to understanding the longevity of The Clash. The sad death of the band — figuratively and, tragically, literally — who had kicked down the doors provided a valuable lesson. We asked and you answered! For each issue we will be putting the big questions to the public.

We will be finding answers to the queries that rock fans have debated for decades. Keep an eye on the Music Legends Facebook page to have your say in our next poll. This issue we asked…. What is the greatest album of all time? The results are in; they have been checked, double-checked, triple-checked and verified, and the winner is… drum roll please…. Despite enjoying success before as a band, it was this magnum opus that really brought Pink Floyd to the masses and cemented their status as rock icons. Dark Side of the Moon was originally developed at the Decca rehearsal studio in Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead during and The basic idea was to make a record about the different pressures of modern life, however the album concept would eventually be expanded to cover all facets of life, including death, time and particularly mental illness; an issue that strongly affected the band through the struggles of their founder member Syd Barrett.

It was so completely understanding and musically questioning. Following the conclusion of these recording sessions in March there were various scheduled tour dates around the globe that kept Pink Floyd busy for the majority of , and with the exception of one month, May—June, it was not until 9 January , that Pink Floyd were able to find the time in their schedule to complete the album.

Despite the difficulties in finding time to record, Pink Floyd have always looked fondly on these years, and regarded the development of Dark Side of the Moon as the time at which they worked most harmoniously as a band. This unity is perhaps part of what makes the album so successful as a piece, with all band members working together towards a singular goal.

We were pulling together pretty cohesively. Dave sang Breathe much better than I could have. His voice suited the song. There was a balance. All performed to a uniformly high standard of composition and performance. After I had written a couple of the lyrics for the songs, I suddenly thought, I know what would be good: to make a whole record about the different pressures that apply in modern life. We had quite a few pieces of music, some of which were left Music Legends. Whilst the musical content of The Dark Side of the Moon has cemented the album as one of greatest of all time, the artwork is equally iconic.

Hipgnosis would go on to create many more iconic covers for the band including Atom Heart Mother and Obscured by Clouds. It was a very dark room. Walk do. Like the improvements to down the path towards speed of Meddle the performance the light rather than into is the speed of and composition nearly everything of their pieces each the darkness. Whilst do with it, that discussing this penchant for slow tempos. Our original audience to hear a piece developed.

If recordings of that were extremely mild, people saw it four times it would have jog along stuff. At the sense of the word. The artwork itself was created by designer George Hardie. Hardie came across the prism motif in a book, and presented the design as one of seven potential ideas to Pink Floyd. Interestingly the light band emanating from the prism seen on the iconic cover only has six colours, rather than the traditional seven.

Indigo has been omitted from traditional division of the spectrum. That was one thing. The other thing was the triangle. All of the tracks from the classic album have been given the full orchestral treatment. I think it was a sense of relief that he was willing to do that. Whilst Roger Waters was the only credited lyricist on Dark Side of the Moon, the album featured vocal appearances from a multitude of individuals outside of the band. Pink Floyd roadies, Abbey Road staff and other artists who were recording at the studios during that period, were confronted with a series of questions; from the banal to the philosophical, with the intention of including their responses on the album in an attempt to tie the songs on the record together.

I thought it was really interesting that he would do that. He was trying to be three other girls. We are simply unable the would go on to become one of see what happens. So David Gilmour Earth — around twenty-seven days. Several months later I was doing something at Abbey Road and Alan was there and he said that the album was doing really well so I said what album? And he said Dark Side of the Moon, and so I said oh fine, jolly good and that was it really. Critics were invited to an event, held at the London Planetarium on 27 February , that the majority of the band themselves refused to attend.

Pink Floyd members cited sound issues as the reason for their absence, namely that the quadrophonic mix of the album was not yet ready, and life sized cardboard cut outs of the missing members greeted the press instead. Some highlights from the reviews of the control room and not much was said, chord sequence? Pink Dark Side of the Moon, the album record this because usually the only actually held the No. Worldwide sales of the album are have reached twenty-four million certified sales, yet some industry estimates place this figure at closer fortyfive million copies, and Dark Side of the Moon is currently the fourth biggest selling album globally.

It was… not only about being a good album but also about being in the right place at the right time. Its taped speech fragments may be old hat, but for once they cohere musically. The problem for Pink Floyd was that at some stage they would have to produce an album to follow their own masterpiece. The standard had been set so highly by Dark Side of the Moon that in every respect it was clear the follow up had to be nothing short of a second masterpiece.

During the course of an interview published on 19 May in Melody Maker, David Gilmour declared that he was not unduly concerned by the pressures brought about by the phenomenal sales of Dark Side of the Moon. There are four attitudes in the band that are quite different. For Roger Waters it is more important to do things that say something. Richard Wright is more into putting out good music. I want to do it all, but sometimes I think Roger can feel the musical content is less important and can slide around it.

Roger and Nick tend to make the tapes of effects like the heartbeat on the LP. At concerts we have quad tapes and four-track tape machines so we can mix the sound and pan it around. The heartbeat alludes to the human condition and sets the mood for the music, which describes the emotions experienced during a lifetime. Amidst the chaos, there is beauty and hope for mankind.

The effects are purely to help the listener understand what the whole thing is about. Rodney has gone back in time and re-imagined a trilogy of scenes that tell the story of the events on that far off fantasy world; this time featuring the Stones with Brian Jones in the band. The results are amazing, and each piece is now presented in a strictly limited fine art print edition of just 54 prints.

Every copy is hand numbered and personally signed by Rodney Matthews. We have always tried to bring out something different with our next release and it would be very easy now to carry on with the same formula as Dark Side, which a lot of people would do. Even though it was so successful, it was made in the same way as all our other albums and the only criteria we have about releasing music is whether we like it or not. It was not a deliberate attempt to make a commercial album.

It just happened that way. We knew it had a lot more melody than previous Floyd albums, and there was a concept that ran all through it. The music was easier to absorb and having girls singing away added a commercial touch that none of our other records had. But you have to carry on hoping. We are able to see it, and discuss it. The Dark Side of the Moon itself is an allusion to the moon and lunacy. A year later on 16 November , Melody Maker published an interview with Rick We have never been a prolific group in terms of records.

We average about one a year over our whole career. We have a deal with the record company that makes us do about seven albums in five years, which is one album a year and maybe a couple of film scores. Dark Side of the Moon has been in the English charts ever since it was released, which is quite amazing. We all felt it would do at least as well as the other albums, but not quite as well as it did. All our albums. The McCartney answers were discarded, as his responses were regarded to be too measured. Breathe Adapted from a piece Waters had written for The Body documentary in For many years this song was credited solely to Rick Wright until an out of court settlement in finally resolved that the piece should be jointly credited to Clare Torry.

Based on a sequence of piano chords written by Wright, this song addresses the omnipresent fear of death and mortality in life. Originally intended as an instrumental sequence, and featuring some blinding guitar from Gilmour, the vocals were only added a couple of weeks before the LP was finished. Clare Torry — a young EMI staff songwriter who had only recently begun to do a few sessions as a singer, provided the improvised vocal and her strikingly gutsy vocals take the song to an unforgettable climax.

The point of the track was to express the stress and pressures of everyday life — and so a whole menagerie of sound effects were added such as airport sounds over the footsteps of a passenger desperately rushing for the plane, and a train sound that was actually played by a guitar. A stunning group composition. Again the song is characterised by a. A superb piece co-written by Waters and Wright. In time-honoured Floyd fashion this composition was based on another piece that had been lurking around for ages. Based on a chord sequence by Wright, Waters claimed the song was.

The track has self-explanatory lyrics about the evils of greed and rock-star wealth. Waters certainly saw some of the songs on this LP as being about the lately departed Barrett. The rhythmicallysequenced loop of the cash-till sound effect gives the song a lot of its bite, and a touch of irony, as record store cash registers around the world would soon be ringing up millions of sales to its tune. Originally called Scat, it features the ubiquitous sound of the VCS 3 synthesiser with a long tape echo, as well as more conventional instrumentation.

The grass as in the lunatic is on the grass was always the square in between the River Cam and Kings College chapel. The lunatic was Syd, really. He was obviously in my mind. It was very Cambridge-based, that whole song. Eclipse Sensing the album needed a proper conclusion, Roger Waters wrote Eclipse. The lyrics suggest that while the human race has the potential to live in harmony with nature and itself, this is depressingly never the case. However, for Springsteen there has never been any difference between the outgoing, crowd-pleaser that we hear on hits like Hungry Heart and the introspective loner of Secret Garden.

As far as he was concerned, music was one of the few things in life that held no barriers. As Springsteen explained in a. I thought it could give you everything you wanted in life. He makes you believe in yourself. If anything his shows were a masterwork of crowd control, an adventure in pure cooperation, a challenge to chaos. And it takes the edge off fear and allows us to recognise each other through our veil of differences. I always thought that was one of the things popular art was supposed to be about, along with the merchandising and all the other stuff. His Irish father, Douglas Springsteen, was an-ex army recruit who later worked, variously, in a plastics factory, as a bus Music Legends.

Bruce was the first of three children and his Italian mother, Adele, worked hard to provide a home for them all. His early life was not without its inequities, however, and Springsteen would later recall the harsh nature of the Catholic school he attended as a child. When not in school, he liked hanging around on the beach and playing water sports. He was never a talkative boy, preferring to watch and I remember it was in this dumpy, two-storey, two-family house, next door to this gas station. And my mom, she was a secretary and she worked downtown. And my father, he worked a lotta different places, worked in a rug mill for a while, and he was a guard down at the jail for a while.

I can remember when he worked down there, he used to come back real pissed off, drunk, sit in the kitchen. He got his first blasts of loud music from listening to the radio. If it got on the radio that meant it usually got onto the juke-boxes of the numerous diners, soda fountains and truck stops that littered the nation too. To celebrate the launch of the album, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band undertook a major tour of North America that comprised of performances.

These limited edition releases feature carefully curated highlights from five of those legendary shows. By then he had already formed his first band, the Castiles, and therefore remained behind in Jersey, moving into a scruffy one-room apartment above a drug store in nearby Long Branch.

I wanted to be as big as you could make it… the Beatles, the Rolling Stones. With the US then involved in the Vietnam war, like all new conscripts. Bruce knew his chance of escaping the conflict without being maimed or killed was fifty percent at best, and years later he confessed that he and his buddies went out and got good and drunk the night before they were due to be inducted. Fortunately Springsteen flunked his medical, in large part due to injuries he had sustained in a motorcycle accident some time before, and he returned home that day fearing the reaction such news would be greeted with by his ex-army father.

In lieu of a military position, Springsteen spent most of his youth hanging out at a local teen club named the Upstage — an avowedly alcohol and drug free environment situated down by the Jersey shoreline which, nevertheless, stayed open till five every morning and where any passing kid with enough nerve could get up and play.

Sancious had already left, however, by the time the classic E Street Band line-up had evolved. Both these artists responded to an ad in The Village Voice, rather than simply gravitating towards the line-up from the local Shore club scene. Before the group could achieve true success, Springsteen had to secure a record deal. Ironically, this only transpired once Springsteen had all but abandoned the idea of getting his own band off the ground. Bruce, however, was not so easily subsumed.

When I first came across Bruce it was by accident. But when I heard him play I heard this voice saying to me — superstar. Joni Mitchell. Hammond listened to the acetate while Mike and Bruce sat patiently in the corner. Intrigued by the rough recordings and charmed by the soft-spoken young Music Legends.

Despite this success, it was still live on stage that the young Springsteen made the greatest impact, with his high octane performances contrasting with the habit of most contemporary singer songwriters, who tended to give a more low-profile performance, either sitting alone with their guitars or standing still in the spotlight. Bruce had spent almost all his initial record advance putting a new band of musicians together, and hit the road as soon as his first album was released in March , entitled Greetings from Asbury Park N. The album also featured session-men Harold Wheeler and Richard Davis.

The album sleeve was based on a mock picturepostcard of Asbury Park, somewhat worn around the edges: a suitable visual metaphor for the forlorn picture of boardwalk life the music contained therein depicted. In spite of this criticism, Columbia chose to promote the album by releasing one of the most lyrically verbose songs. Similarly, the critical reception for Greetings from Asbury Park N. Nevertheless, there were several golden nuggets in amongst the slush-pile of songs.

Bowie expressed his admiration for Greetings from Asbury Park N. Other first-album tracks like Spirit in the Night and Lost in the Flood are also worth a special mention as they went on to become live favourites for years. Despite the dense lyrical undergrowth of so much of the album, according to Springsteen much of it was actually written quickly with barely any second thoughts. Packed with a string of powerful hits, this astonishing anthology features the very best of the Beatles in performance during the Beatlemania era from — But towards the end of the record I started pulling out of it with songs like Spirit in the Night which started to get into a whole different feel.

The record captured Bruce at his most determinedly tormented; so desperate to be taken seriously he appears, at times, to have forgotten what fun he used to have simply standing up there onstage singing. To his credit, it was a mistake that he would be careful not to repeat on his next album. Before Springsteen would start work on that, however, he and his band would complete over gigs around the United States, sometimes supporting bigger established acts like Chicago, most often playing one-night shows at clubs and bars along the East Coast.

It was a punishing schedule that left Bruce and his boys getting by on a couple of dollars each per day, dining on hamburgers and beer. But it was also an experience that proved to be the making of the band, tightening them up and helping flesh-out songs like Spirit in the Night and For You, songs that had sounded stilted on album, but were now sure-fire crowd-pleasers.

Recorded at the tail end of and released in February , the second Springsteen album really captured what quickly became known as the signature E-Street sound. Indeed, in its varied and often esoteric choice of. Unusually, the album featured Bruce on acoustic and electric guitar, Danny Federici on accordion as. Other highlights include the demi-title track, E Street Shuffle, which featured.

It was also a record practically overflowing with syncopated beats, jazz riffs, soul horns and an array of typically. Lyrically, all these new songs found the chief protagonist looking out instead of staring within. But I tend to change the arrangements all the time in order to present the material best… for instance Sandy.

I like the way it is on. Buoyed by this new celebrity status, Springsteen and the E Street Band set out on what would be their most ground breaking US tour yet. Critical plaudits were now starting to pile up. Not only was the band reaching its musical apotheosis after playing together on the road solidly for over a year, but Bruce himself was fast evolving into the consummate live performer we know today; introducing songs with little autobiographical vignettes that served to both explain and frame the songs he sang. A livewire one moment, quiet and contemplative the next, and backed by a band entirely simpatico both musically and personally, Springsteen astounded Landau with his.

The mistake is when you start thinking that you are your songs. To me a song is a vision, a flash and what I see. So much so that when Bruce and the band returned to Cambridge for a follow-up date a month later, opening for Bonnie Raitt at the Harvard Square Theatre, Landau made sure he had a front row seat. Once again, he was stunned by what he saw. And I saw something else. Every gesture, every syllable adds something to his ultimate goal — to liberate our spirit while he liberates his by baring his soul through his music.

Columbia Records were quick to see the possibilities and immediately began running ads in all. From here on in, whatever he did, be it a concert tour, new album, or even just an interview, it would no longer be enough for him merely to be good. The question was: after an introduction like that, how would he ever be able to live up to it?

The complete collection of legendary lost performances by the Beatles from the studio, the concert hall and the airwaves. Featured tracks include: Love Me Do, P. As rumbled in, Fleetwood Mac was on the prowl for more band members, yet little did they know of the incredible impact these artists would have on the future of the band and the face of rock music. Inspiring a selection of the most outstanding albums Fleetwood Mac ever recorded, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks rocketed the group to heights of fame and fortune that utterly eclipsed the Peter Green era.

Fleetwood had met Buckingham and Nicks at Sound City Studios in LA, on a spontaneous visit that had more to do with a trip to the supermarket than finding new members for his band. Fleetwood made one of the best choices for the listening public when he decided to give the pair a break. He was already hoping to change the musical direction of his band, as the previous album had floundered, and here he had found new song writing blood in the form of Stevie Nicks. So it was, that the tenth line-up of Fleetwood Mac was born in a downtown studio in LA.

What none of them knew at the time was that the melting pot of their musical talent provided a dynamic chemistry on stage and in the studio; a chemistry that changed all their fortunes forever. It was very apparent that something was really happening. It was very much like when the band first started. I had been so used to being the only girl. We all really got on well together.

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Stevie was a bright, very humorous, very direct, tough little thing. I liked her instantly, and Lindsey too. The band were seen as trying to make headway in a music market that had already written off their particular genre of music as old, faded, worn-out and highly unlikely to appeal to the kids. The band had a bizarre seesaw effect with their record sales on either side of the Atlantic, where albums and singles that did well in the States hardly scored in England, and the one or two that sank without a trace on the US hit parade invariably did better in the UK.

This made it very difficult to Music Legends. It perhaps also served to convince anybody who had any doubts, after the court case with Clifford Davis, over who owned the name — it was definitely Fleetwood Mac. Thus, Buckingham and Nicks added in their back catalogue of songs, which made up virtually half of the material, while Christine McVie and the rhythm section covered the remainder of the It was unique to have two women in a band who where not just back-up singers, or singers period… The five characters on stage became five characters, as opposed to just five members of the band.

By the mid-seventies, the musiclistening public from the sixties had grown up. They had seen what war, and in particular Vietnam, had done to a lot of young people. They had witnessed the race riots and the protest marches. They had matured, and by the mid-seventies they wanted a kind of music and lyric that reflected that older viewpoint.

The appeal of twenty-minute lead guitar and drum solos was beginning to wane; they were looking for something a bit deeper and more melodic. Sometimes the oddest and least commercial song can cut right through all the noise of the music industry, and by sheer public demand creates a monster hit. This limited edition vinyl album features a rare Fleetwood Mac live show from September , when Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were just beginning to make their mark on the group. This is why, when all the hype had died down and the record executives had lost interest, the album continued to get airplay on a diverse range of stations in America, and therefore managed to stay in the US Top 10 for well over a year.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, it was the same seesaw sales conundrum, with the band At that point we were playing more and more over here, the States. Also, I thought England was very grey and full of depressed people. We just got out. They had always sold comfortable amounts, but had not yet ascended to platinum status. We never wanted to be viewed or reported as the biggest thing since sliced bread.

Me, Chris and Mick have been working together for a long time. The success now makes some justification for the efforts of the past. This says a lot about how the way record labels used to look after their artists. Back in the sixties and seventies, the music industry took a longer-term view and nurtured talent, and naturally, having produced such a fine album, the time came to take it out on the road. Until this point, a pattern had been emerging now of how Fleetwood Mac operated: get a new line-up of musicians together, record an album, release a single, go on tour, go crazy, lose a band member or two, get a new line-up, record an album, and repeat.

So it was surprising that Fleetwood Mac survived the tour of with no casualties. We just played everywhere and we sold that record. We kicked that album in the ass. The result was a stupendous tour with a fresh sound and image for the band. This irresistible combination went down a storm with the existing fans and won the band even more new followers. The tired and wornout blues numbers were abandoned to the Fleetwood Mac back catalogue while the bright, tight, West Coast production and delivery of rock and pop ballads had fans filling the aisles.

Any doubts the long-term blues devotees had regarding. Accompanying the divas on stage were the thumping drums and bass of Fleetwood, the clean, proficient guitar work of Lindsey Buckingham and the foot-stomping rhythm of John McVie. The Fleetwood Mac tour, with the definitive tenth line-up, probably found them at their happiest and most dynamic for many years. Being a decidedly independent man and wanting to retain his personal style made it hard for Buckingham to dovetail sweetly into playing Bob Welch songs without a second thought, but he persevered, perhaps because Nicks seemed to be enjoying the trip and felt more at home in the group than he did.

From August through to December , Fleetwood Mac were on the road, gigging virtually every night and working hard to sell the new album, the new band, and the new look. The tour was naturally a chance for the band really to get to know one another and to establish their core identity, and without the excess and isolation that came with their later fame, Fleetwood Mac was able to bond as a unit. The tour had the effect of smoothing out any glitches in their performances and creating that natural rapport that is so important between band members on stage.

Despite their live success, Fleetwood Mac now faced strong pressure from their record label and the business side of the music industry, so in , Warner decided to release Rhiannon as a single. For example, when Rhiannon was put out as a single in Britain it struggled lamentably to make the Top , let alone the Top Twenty. The difficulty the Fleetwood Mac experienced in Britain was more than likely due, in some small measure, to the loyalty showed by the fans to Peter.

Back in and , the music industry in Britain was turning out the last of the glitter bands before the advent of punk came along to reshape musical tastes indefinitely. Much of the listening public felt somewhat lost. Having been raised on the Beatles and the Stones, and being used to taking the seminal trips experienced growing up with bands like the Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa or Bob Dylan, rock fans were now expected to lap up the Bay City Rollers and Donny Osmond.

It was a tough time for many listeners, and although these bands were the teenybop chart makers, they still dominated the radio airwaves and television performances of the era. The in-your-face brutality of punk was the natural successor to this trend, as the commercially produced hit makers that went before seemed so paper-thin and soulless in comparison. At least Sid Vicious seemed like he really meant it. It was into this UK music culture, that Fleetwood Mac was trying to sell what was seen as out-dated arena pop rock.

Music Legends. This meant that the American audience was more open to what Fleetwood Mac was trying to achieve. Most rock bands were utterly devoted to the concept of having a male rock god out there fronting the group. Female performers were for the most part either successful solo singers or banished to the harmony department.

For such macho figures as Mick Fleetwood and John McVie to relinquish this age-old status was revolutionary, and something of a revelation for the time. More to the point, the approach proved highly successful. Stephanie She was the foxy lady personified, and exuded that kind of passionate, fiery aura that Mick Jagger achieved with his lips and hips.

At this time Stevie Nicks must have felt like she was living in a fairy tale, going from rags to riches in less than a year. Many people might have lost themselves in such a rapid transition from anonymity to stardom,. Mick, who was supposed to be the solid, fathertype figure of the band, was pressed to the point of splitting with his wife and divorcing her — before they got remarried, and then divorced once more.

It probably would have been worthwhile for Fleetwood Mac to have employed a marriage guidance counsellor on the permanent payroll of back then, as he or she would have certainly had some serious work to do. Despite all this emotional turmoil going on behind the scenes, each member had a strong commitment to the band that kept them going. Somehow, they never let personal problems supersede the demands of the group. Amidst the soap opera, Warner Brothers were on their case looking for another album and the next string of hits.

Rather than succumbing to the emotional divides in the band, the songwriters went away and put it all down in material that would make the next album. That this album would be the greatest breakthrough for the group and one of its all-time best sellers says something about the nature of the creative process and its relationship to trauma. It was Eric Clapton who admitted that there was nothing worse than being happily ensconced in a relationship to dry up all his creative juices. He went as far as purposely wrecking any stable relationship with his partner just so he could come up with a bit of angst and few good tunes for his next album.

The comings and goings of each band member had certainly given the West Coast press more than enough to chew on, and it was this capitalising on seedy, showbiz gossip that prompted the band to call the album Rumours. With their choice of album title, it seemed the group had maintained their. This limited edition vinyl album features the live Fleetwood Mac broadcast from Inglewood on 21 October The band was working hard to replicate the success of Rumours, and set out to showcase just what they could do on the Mirage tour. This release provides a powerful snapshot of Fleetwood Mac at the top of their game on that tour, performing a stunning selection of their hits in concert.